Hi, I’m Frank.

I help men, women, and families create an unbreakable foundation of healthy habits to prevent and reverse chronic disease using God’s tools for health and healing.

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My Services & Specialties

Since the beginning, God provided everything we need to keep our mind, bodies, and souls healthy. I help you learn how to use His tools, from food & diet, to lifestyle & habits, to prayer & meditation, to prevent and heal chronic disease.

I specialize in the following areas:

About Coach Frank

There are three things that define who I am and why I have established unchanging purpose and unlimited fulfillment in my life: Faith, Family and Autoimmune Disease.

After watching my own family members suffer from autoimmune disease, I entered into my own battle with autoimmune disease in 2010, along with my wife who was diagnosed at the same time.

Since then, we have worked tirelessly to learn everything we can about autoimmune disease reversal including physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition.

Along the way, we discovered that healing an autoimmune disease requires the same God-given principles that it takes to prevent chronic disease.

After years of practice, I am now an Adapt Certified Coach and make it my mission to help others build a TRULY healthy life while keeping God at the center.

By working together, we can refine your:

*Nutrition is what nourishes you. It is the tools, usually small and overlooked, that are required to become the best version of ourselves.

You were made to feel AMAZING.

It’s time to discover what that really feels like.

What People Are Saying

“I decided to work with Frank because I was frustrated with my doctors and lack of results; and was looking for new healthy lifestyle tips. Frank helped me develop a new daily routine, diet, and introduced me to many helpful resources. He’s professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and a great listener. I’m excited to continue to implement the information and strategies in my daily life.”
Tonya Z.
“After my MS diagnosis, Frank encouraged me to research and adopt healthy lifestyle changes (diet, supplements, sleep, etc.) that seemed completely overwhelming at first. His constant encouragement and the fact that he and his wife are living proof of the healing these changes can make gave me the motivation to adopt and stick to them! I haven’t looked back, and not only that, but continue to improve on all the MS evaluation metrics at my neurologist appointments each year.”
Don M.
I have been coaching with Frank for 2 years now, he has helped open my eyes to so much about myself. Frank’s services specialize in autoimmune disease, however, I am a college student just looking to improve myself and simply figure things out. He has helped me with countless areas of my life that I’ve wanted to improve. These areas are ranging from: forming great habits with my diet, physical activity, mental health, helping me vision future goals and even how to attain those goals. Sometimes I feel that I can figure out an improvement myself but I still like to consult Frank because I know he will open my eyes to another perspective and offer critical input.  I’ve always felt very comfortable talking with Frank, he is a fantastic listener, very analytical, provides great input, is professional and always has a positive outlook. Our coaching sessions always end with a plan, a feeling of accomplishment and last but not least, a smile on my face.
Austin F.

Start building your better, happier, & healthier life today.

Learn how to support your body’s healing capabilities (because they are awesome, robust, and truly miraculous) and start feeling better than you ever thought possible.

Common Questions

Health coaching is a process, in which a coach and client form a partnership. That partnership relies on open, honest communication to establish what the client wants to accomplish, and then co-create a path to successfully achieving that vision. The coach acts as a guide, not telling the client what to do, but offering alternatives, suggestions, and information to help the client make the best, well-informed decisions.

More importantly, the real benefit of working with a coach comes in the form of powerful reflections that challenge the client to dig deeper and find the source of lasting change and strong values that will drive the change and actually help it “stick”.

A health coach is NOT a doctor, therapist, dietician, counselor, or other type of licensed practitioner. There are certifications for health coaching but that does not give us the ability to provide medical advice/direction for a client.

I can help you make changes, decide on something you want to do, or determine a direction. I know that’s broad, but I phrase it that way because I’ve helped clients implement small changes & improvements, like what route to take on a walk, all the way to implementing a brand-new diet or helping a client figure out why he behaves a certain way in stressful situations, and then change that behavior to improve his life (physically and spiritually).

But, if you are looking for some specific examples of things we can work on together, they are: what to eat and why, how to prep and plan for a new diet, how to get the family on board with health changes, improving sleep, creating exercise routines that are appropriate for your situation, stress reduction, shifting to non-toxic cleaning/cosmetic products, incorporating more of your faith into your everyday life, and MUCH more.


I’m not your doctor, or your dad – whichever is more convincing.

My role is to be your support and sounding board, and also your personal detective. Based on the things we discuss, I highlight tendencies that I notice, or inconsistencies between your values and what you are trying to achieve. In short, I hold up a mirror so you can see the real you, and move past the things you might have heard or be telling yourself that limit you.

What makes me different is that I am a Christian, and that is the foundation of my life. I apply my faith to my coaching, and want to help my clients grow in their faith as well.

I also believe that God gave us everything we need to thrive in this world the minute He spoke creation into existence. I want to get back to that understanding by helping others use the Good of creation (from the earth itself to everyone in it) to positively influence our physical health, and especially the health of our souls.

Yes! Many of my clients end up venturing away from “health” topics. But the interesting thing is that your health is not just diet, sleep, and exercise. Your health is how well you are as a person. Anything that influences your body, mind, and soul are on the table to work on. Ultimately, we are trying to create balance in your life, so if something non-“health” requires attention, that’s where we will venture.

This ranges on what the change is and who you are. Some people see results immediately (literally that day). It’s a light bulb moment. Other’s require months of navigating complex topics and life events to finally land on a path that gets them to their goal.

The real question is, what is holding you back from seeing results right now?

The most important ways I include faith in my practice are: I am open about my own faith and I specifically ask questions related to my client’s faith, if that is a part of his or her life. I also have clients who are not Christian, and we fit great together!

There are also faith-based resources that I provide based on need, and the desired change a client is trying to make.

The most common form of coaching is over video chat (like Zoom), but I work with clients over the phone, and I am also open to face-to-face sessions as well. Access to me can be over text or email between our sessions and specific arrangements can be discussed at more length if that is something you are looking for. I want you to be supported the way that will help you best.

Discover TRUE health and happiness.